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Wand revolutionizes the way you live your home. It coordinates the different domestic activities throughout the day, warning you only when necessary, by monitoring everything that’s dear to you, protecting you from theft and domestic accidents.

Do You Really Control All Your Home Devices?

Your new camera, a new video ring bell or a new system alarm. Our house is healthy? Is my son healthy?

The answer is NO!

So, how to improve knowledge then therefore, govern everything around us?

Wand to manage and monitor your home

Wand is your personal assistant that monitors and manages your home devices.

By Wand you will be able to have lots of useful information about your home and your family whether you're indoor or outdoor.

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Why Wand

Wand makes your home smart, using an integrated home automation system to improve the comfort, safety and consumption of those who live there.


Wand's centralized system allows you to manage many functions. A modular system in which you can add devices at any time.


A smart home system to optimize energy loads and to create customized scenarios, based on your preferences and habits.


Wand exploits the potential savings of the home automation system, always oriented to maximum efficiency.


Wand is a reliable system, always by your side, connected to the network and always updated with innovative features.


Manage all IoT devices in your rooms

Control all your rooms in a simple way, easily customizable.

Wand, the perfect union of an environmental monitoring unit and a remote control for your devices.
The system thinks for you and takes away so many thoughts. If you want to change the automatic settings, just touch a key.

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IOT Devices.

Easy monitor and manage IoT devices by category

Coordinate all devices in a single tap.

Each IOT device in each room is easily grouped into categories and features.
Thanks to useful function keys to enable or disable everything by room and category.

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Health monitoring.

Home and family health always in your hands

For a better life quality and your family health.

Wand manages technologies able to improve the quality of life in the home environment.
It recommends you on daily choices just like a good friend, assisting you when you need it.

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Your favorites News feed

Personalized news and alert in a current world

Wand has a news section where you can choose your own news feeds by category.
The result is an area of news that is always up to date and can be scrolled whenever you want.

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Updated wheather by Wand gps location

Wand, the perfect environmental monitoring unit, indoor, outdoor and weather forecast.

Wand is capable of up-to-date meteorological information in the place of your home and inside.
Information always in the foreground and in click details of the weather forecast in details.

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Wand, a perfect device

A great way to control devices in the environments where we live. With a dedicated and simplified version of App Suite, our complete software for controlling smart homes and smart devices, Wand is able to manage many household and office appliances, as well as of the Internet of Things.
This first version of Wand will be equipped with a front camera and ambience sensors.

Connected to IoT world

Automatic self configuration
Thanks to a "sniffing" algorithm, Wand detects all wifi devices connected to home network, interacting with Big Data obtained directly from worldwide web.

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A brilliant 6" screen

An elegant device, complete with high-precision sensors to detect the quality of the home and its inhabitants.

Discreet but always ready to give the right suggestions to save energy and improve domestic comfort.

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Your contribution is essential

We need to complete the prototype and give the opportunity to all family to get a personal home assistant.

Coming Soon.

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