With HicsMod you will be able to know anything about your living environment whether you're indoor or outdoor (air quality, temperature, humidity, pollution, allergens, UV rays). And you can control it through sophisticated and precise sensors so you can rule all the world around you (lighting, air conditioner, home alarm).

With the spread of HicsMod, all owners will enter into a "glocal community" and know the quality of any environment in the world so to decide how spend their time.

Do You Really Control Your Environment?

We check everything in our lives .... but we really know the environment in which we live?

Our house is healthy? The office where we spend much of our days keeps us free from harmful elements for health?

The answer is NO!

So, how to improve our knowledge to govern everything around us?

HicsMod to manage your environment

HicsMod is your personal assistant that monitors and manages the air quality around you. With HicsMod you will be able to have lots of useful information about your living environments whether you're indoor or outdoor.

Through a simple APP you can monitor the air quality thanks to many sensors located inside HicsMod but also control the environment, using its hardware and software interfaces to act on smart devices and home automation systems.

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Environmental monitoring.

A "Smart Home" always with you and in your pocket

HicsMod, the perfect union of an environmental monitoring unit and a remote control for your devices.

Our team is composed by 2 engineers, 1 sales manager and the CEO, with professional experiences in Smart Home and Building Automation. Thanks to our experiences, we know very well that many smart features both in home and entire buildings are based on the information supplied by different sensors.
For this reasons we will make available some of these functions anywhere, even in environments that are not equipped with smart devices.

E.M.U. (Environmental Monitoring Unit)

HicsMod is therefore a modern and concentrated air control unit, equipped with a watchful heart can constantly monitor:
01 Temperature
02 Humidity
03 UV Rays
04 Toxic Gases
05 Allergens
06 Pollution

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SUITE (an open system for the control of your Internet of Things and electronic devices in your smart home)

Our smartphones is a great way to control devices in the environments where we live.

With a dedicated and simplified version of Suite, our complete software for controlling smart homes and smart devices, our Motorola Smartphone is able to manage many household and office appliances, as well as of the Internet of Things.

This first version of HicsMod will be equipped with an infrared control (IR) to manage numerous devices replacing their remote controls.

We help you build a better world

Air Quality Big Data
Thanks to HicsMod, through a simple and free APP, the information on air quality will be available to anyone. Big Data obtained directly from thousands of HicsMod used worldwide.

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Better places to live

Everybody will know in real time the quality of environments and choose which place to spend their time.

Above all, the citizens and the competent authorities will take action to improve its quality.

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Your contribution is essential

We need to complete the prototype and above all to spread worldwide respect for nature in which we live.

For this we ask you to support HicsMod !

And you can do it in many ways. From the smallest contribution dowloading the Environment Quality APP, to the purchase of a t-shirt to be an Ambassador of a "clean planet".

Our goal is to have as many HicsMod spread all over the world to monitor the air of our cities, our streets, our parks.
For this we ask you to book the purchase of a HicsMod, soon, at a special price of $ 84.

The campaign that we launched will be used to:

  • $ 10,000 to complete HicsMod prototype implementing and developing the functions provided
  • $ 12,000 to industrialize HicsMod and start production
  • $ 5,000 to realize the APP to view big data on air quality around the world
  • $ 3,000 to acquire a server for managing data on pollution and air quality.

But, most of all, we will need the support of Motorola and of all of you to develop a final product that guarantees excellent performance and a great user experience.

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