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SUITE is the original home smart system that facilitates your daily activities and your relationships

SUITE has been inspired and created to manage and interact with all the elements in the house, both electrical and electronic as well as physical, thanks to interactions already possible today, but even more in the coming years with the Internet of Things.

You can’t see SUITE, but it coordinates installations, systems and devices in the home to meet your needs.

SUITE does not interfere with your activities but allows an efficient and functional home environment management.

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What SUITE can do.


It coordinates the different domestic activities throughout the day, warning you only when necessary.


It monitors everything that’s dear to you, protecting you from theft and domestic accidents.


It recommends you on daily choices just like a good friend, assisting you when you need it.


It puts you in relation with others by simply allowing you to choose always how to do it.

Experience the harmony of a SUITE ...

SUITE manages everything in your place but you decide how to play music. That’s why we thought and designed WAND, a magic wand to make your dreams come true.

WAND is a innovative touch screen-based device, easy to use, which allows you to manage all domestic technologies and enter the fantastic world of info-mation (information + home automation).

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