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Smart solution to share and book car parking

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What is DuDu?

DuDu is the smart solution to optimise parking areas usage, to improve the efficiency of parking operations and to help the traffic of our cities.

How does it work?

Your parking lot is an easy source of revenue

Add your space

Rent out your parking space in less than 2 minutes.
It's 100% free.

Manage your availability

Make your car park available for a few hours or all day. You decide.

Get paid

Bookings will be automatically paid to your Paypal or bank account. It's easy.

"DuDu, better life in a better city."

Full customized parking solutions

Whether you are a Private, a Public Administration or a Property Owners, DuDu is the right solution for parking management

Private.Do you own a parking space?

DuDu allows you to earn money when your parking is empty and you are not using it.

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Public administration.To improve citizen's life quality.

DuDu can help solve city’s parking problems. It is the best answer to city's traffic challenge.

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Property owners.To better monetize of your car park

An easy way to locate free parking, even thanks to the APP that works also in "indoor" mode.

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Do you own a parking space that is empty most of the time?

Rent your parking space while you are not using it.

How does it work?

Find and choose

People can easily find parks on map and choose the needed, thanks to DuDu mobile APP.

Book and pay

People can instantly book chosen car park and simply pay by their preferred payment metod.

Unlock and park

People, driving along the map to the booked park, unlock DuDu so that they can park safely.

What type of parking can you rent as a private owner?

The driveway in front of your house

Driveway in front of your house

Street parking

Personal garage parking

Indoor parking

Indoor parking

When should I rent my parking space?

You can rent your parking space every time you are not using it. Whether you are at work, away on a trip, or simply if your space is free.
It is recommended for:

residential area

Rent your parking space to visitors who will not be able to find parking otherwise.

restaurants and shops

Recommend your space to local business owner to facilitate their clients' parking process.

train or bus station

Offer affordable parking for travelers using pubblic transport.

event venue

Rent your parking space to people coming attending concerts or events near you.

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realize a "project financing" new parking system for your city.

Improve citizen's life quality. It's 100% free.

Our technology makes cities' parking management more efficient.

You can use your dedicated areas more productively, while payment and associated services are finally made simple.

Better managing parking spaces

Street parking

Street pay parking system controlled by magnetic sensors

special parking

Special space parking unlockly for special persons by APP

Indoor parking

Indoor parking marked on interactive maps, easily accessible

DuDu's benefits for Public Administration

All parking resources can be rationalized as to provide an unified parking management system that is more efficient.
DuDu responds to easily find a car park thanks to user friendly system.

Hourly parking

Going downtown for an hour or two? Instanly people can find parking on DuDu APP.

Monthly parking

To Rent a parking space for a month or more near people house or workplace.

No investments

DuDu is free thanks to special Project financing without initial investments.

Quality of life

No more daily nightmare, time wasting, pollution or traffic jams.

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Monetize your empty parking spaces.

Improve the occupancy rate of your parking spaces.

How can DuDu work for your business?

Improve the occupancy rate of your parking spaces

For what type of business?

Private car park

Private car park

Shopping centers, Hotels

Shopping centers, Hotels

Churches, schools, sport complexes and non-for-profits

Churches, schools, sport and no-profit complexes


Thanks to DuDu, finding an available parking space is much simpler, also thanks to the APP that works in "indoor" mode. With DuDu you can share the unattended parking spaces in the community and increase your revenue.

Hourly parking

Going downtown for an hour or two? Instanly people can find your parking on DuDu APP.

Monthly parking

People can rent a parking space for a month or more near their house or workplace.

No investments

DuDu is free thanks to special Project financing without initial investments.

Increasing revenue

Improve your income renting empty and underutilized parking spaces.

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Want to cut out stress and guide drivers to their most convenience space? SmartApp can lead the way.

Whether your requirements are for on-street or off-street parking we can improve your service.

Smart Parking technology enables your customers to find spaces quickly and easily. Less time parking means less stress and happier customers.

Technical specifications

Features that make DuDu unique.

IP67 waterproof

DuDu works in every condition thanks to waterproof IP67 certification and lighting protection.

Scratch resistent

DuDu is scratch and compression resistent, with stiffener design and alloy steel materials.

Anti theft

DuDu is safe and anti-theft with two mechanical locks, local and APP warning and key secured.

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